Recently, our firm engaged in a strategic planning initiative that began with an introspective analysis of our successes and lessons from the past in order to define our purpose - the “why” that drives us.  The purpose, mission, vision and values listed below are a result of this process, and comprise our philosophy as a company.


Our Purpose (why we exist)

We exist to advocate for owners and dramatically improve the building process.


Our Mission (what we do)

With a stewardship mindset and a desire to unlock complexities, our people deliver owner satisfaction and enduring places.


Our Vision (the future we aspire to)

We have become synonymous with making the monumental possible. This drives owners to seek our guidance and appreciate the sanity we bring to the building creation process.


Values/Behaviors (how we act to support our Purpose/Mission/Vision)

Own It

• Assume responsibility and earn trust

• Run to problems

• Protect resources as if they were your own


Think “We”

• Make it painless, blameless and fun

• Collaborate and share credit

• Consider the needs of others


Honor Process

• Leverage proven practices

• Be open-minded and innovative

• Communicate and be transparent


Go Beyond

• Anticipate challenges

• Mind the details

• Exceed expectations